Safiya Green was an endearing woman. Pure of heart, of health and intention.
She lived amongst nature and Mother Nature (her mother) taught her everything she knew.
Mother Nature taught Safiya how to combine the fruits from their forest, with other
natural produce, to create a formula she called her ‘Elixir of Youth’. This sacred formula would help Safiya Green look and feel young forever. Safiya Green became beauty in the flesh.

Safiya’s immortality was adored by all who heard her story.
Admirers would travel from far and wide to witness her beauty with their own eyes and
listen to her enchanting teachings on how they too could preserve their youth.
Safiya shared her secrets freely, but her twin sister Emeralda Green (who was ageing fast
and consumed by poor health), was turning green with envy as word of Safiya’s beauty spread.

Emeralda began destroying Mother Nature by poisoning her fruits.
Her envy was consuming her and she was prepared to do anything to keep Safiya from making her elixir. Safiya fled the forest knowing it was the only way to stop her twin sister from destroying what she loved most (Mother Nature). She vowed to only return when Mother Nature’s secret reaches every corner of the Earth and even Emeralda learns to love their mother.

Before leaving the forest, Safiya wrote and buried a note. It contained a recipe for her secret
formula, with a sworn statement that promises to use nature’s pureness to restore and maintain youthful beauty. When the formula was unearthed, the Safiya Green company was born. Safiya’s ‘Elixir of Youth’ was revived, and we were given access to Safiya’s secret.
Believe it or not - we too can be as beautiful as Safiya Green.